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Origin Story

The Biggest DeSantis
Scandal Never Told

Part 1: How Did This Happen?

This is a story of deep Florida corruption. It is a story of a blind lust for power, and an entitlement to seize it at all costs. This is a story of a family nearly ripped apart and the soul of one woman pushed to the breaking point. Ultimately, the story of Kris Fitzgerald is also one of bravery and triumph.

Under the DeSantis administration, State Attorney Andrew Warren was removed from office because of his political beliefs—a move that the U.S. District Judge later ruled violated both the Florida Constitution and the First Amendment.

Governor DeSantis also removed four elected school board members, a move believed to be in retaliation for their public disagreement with his policy.

In possibly the most infamous story to date, DeSantis seized control of the governing board for Walt Disney World. To punish Disney leadership for speaking out against the “Don’t Say Gay” law, DeSantis summarily replaced five members of Disney World’s Reedy Creek Improvement District, determined to disrupt their business.

But before now, few people knew the story of Kris Fitzgerald, the local mom and veteran who was not only removed from office by Governor DeSantis, but arrested and slandered by his cronies as well.

Who is Kris Fitzgerald, and how did she find herself in the middle of one of the biggest DeSantis scandals never told?

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