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The Biggest DeSantis
Scandal Never Told

Part 5: Time to Fly Higher

“It is difficult to trust God in the middle of a storm,” Kris said at the time, “especially when the winds are raging. However, I believe that is when a mustard seed of faith comes into play.”

She didn’t have to look far to find the helpers. Members of her community including other veterans, members of her congregation, a leading attorney, and a notable fixer stepped up to fight alongside Kris and her family. Most importantly, Kris found her own voice, becoming more determined than ever to raise it and share the truth. She knew that she was not only speaking out for herself, but for her daughter, for other assault survivors, and for the growing list of victims tormented by powerful politicians.

Through the tireless efforts of attorney Grady Irvin, the jury saw through the prosecution’s lies. They deliberated for less than an hour before reaching a verdict in favor of Kris on all counts.

The trial is behind them, and her family is healing. Today, her daughter is thriving. A strong student and member of the basketball team, Mariah has found her own voice as an advocate for other teen victims of abuse, bullying, and assault.

Kris even stood up to Governor DeSantis, demanding that he restore her elected office. Within days of her demand, DeSantis backed down and revoked her suspension with a notice: “Kris Fitzgerald shall be reinstated as City Commissioner.”

Kris has also seized control of her own story. The City of Lake Wales made it clear that they did not want her back; they’d already replaced her with another DeSantis ally. Now, viewing the role as both toxic and traumatic, Kris wondered if there might be another way she could make a positive impact for others.

“While in a storm, we don’t know what’s going on around us,” Kris said. “Eagles fly above the storm to make it safely through.

“To make it through the storm, I had to learn to be still, trust God, and fly above the storm.”

Kris ran for City Commission for the same reason she enlisted in the Air Force, and the same reason she worked in mental health: to serve others. It is her calling and her mission, and it’s clear that her work is not done yet. It is time for her to fly higher.

Kris Fitzgerald is running for Congress in her home state of Florida (District 15). Kris will amplify the voices of children, veterans, and teachers. She is a fearless advocate for others. She will stand against the corruption and divisiveness that plagues our government, and she’ll start by defeating the person who holds the office now: Governor DeSantis’s former Secretary of State.

As Congresswoman, Kris Fitzgerald will stand up for her community, for Florida, and for our nation. Will you Stand with Kris?

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