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Origin Story

The Biggest DeSantis
Scandal Never Told

Part 4: They Tried to Ruin Her Life

At his press conference, the Sheriff stated, “Folks, there’s a lot of details that we obviously can’t discuss because it’s protected information, but this city commissioner was way outta line. I mean, it should give everybody pause that she’s making decisions for the City of Lake Wales.”

There it was. The local Sheriff was preparing a different type of case. He and his cohorts would soon leverage a young woman’s sexual assault case into an appeal to the Governor of Florida, asking him to remove Kris Fitzgerald from elected office.

Before long, DeSantis complied. Though she had not been convicted of any crime, he issued an executive order that suspended Kris from her elected position.

Kris was accused of two felonies, both related to her alleged threat against her daughter’s accused attacker. The person accused of the assault was never charged, even after the family gave detectives information about his other potential victims.

The nightmare didn’t end there. They also restricted Kris’s professional license and forbade her from communicating with anyone under eighteen years of age, including her existing patients. Soon, she lost her job as a mental health counselor.

While Kris battled the allegations against her, the family of a student reached out to her, pleading for help. The young man was struggling with his mental health, and his family was scared he might harm himself. By law, she was not even allowed to respond to their pleas. According to Kris, this moment was excruciating.

A family traumatized. A young victim publicly dismissed by the very people meant to protect her. False accusations. Felony charges. A job lost, and a professional reputation destroyed. It appeared as though Kris Fitzgerald had lost everything but, remarkably, she hadn’t lost faith.

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