Stand with Kris

Origin Story

The Biggest DeSantis
Scandal Never Told

Part 3: The Worst Mistake They Made

At first, local police responded to the call. Before long, however, Kris was identified as being the new City Commissioner, and the Sheriff’s Office was contacted. Rather than focus on the investigation of the sexual assault, the Sheriff’s men arrested Kris in front of her child.

Kris spent days in jail. She wasn’t told what was happening, or even if her daughter was safe. She watched other people come in and out, all while she sat waiting. In most cases, a U.S. Citizen would be given an opportunity to stand in front of a judge, to post bail, to go home—or at least to know what crime they were accused of. Instead, Kris was detained for days without due process or any answers.

Soon, she learned what was happening behind the scenes. While Kris sat in a cell, the Sheriff was hard at work executing the next phase of his plan. He called a press conference, blew up a poster of her mugshot, and did his best to further humiliate her.

The story he crafted was a clever one. Kris had reported that her daughter was sexually assaulted, but the Sheriff downplayed the incident. He declined to give the public most of the information about the case, referring to her daughter simply as “another child Kris knows.” He implied that the assault never happened, insisting that her daughter had waited too long to make her report. Then he charged Kris with threatening Mariah’s attacker.

How did the Sheriff explain this notion, that Kris allegedly threatened someone the Sheriff didn’t actually believe had assaulted her daughter? He didn’t.

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